Welcome to my blog, where I share some of my favourite and most inspirational weddings in more detail. Richmond Pictures is a photography collective headed up by Karina Lax, a Photographer based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, close to the Peak District, Derbyshire. Specialising in gentle, natural and authentic photography. Prefered Supplier at Kew Gardens, Great John Street Hotel Manchester and Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool.


Kew Gardens is a venue like no other. The elegance and beauty and seasonal changes mean we're really spoilt for choice, and no two weddings are ever the same. Since we began photographing weddings and events in 2013, we've discovered so many new locations, and it's exciting to keep discovering Kew with new couples. I love that Kew is rammed to its glasshouse rafters with history and scientific importance too - there's no shortage of interesting tales and mini facts to share with your guests before the wedding, and on the day too. I've put together a little guide with photographs of some of To View More >>

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Working out and then communicating your preferred photography style can be difficult. For couples it can be tricky - initially, often you'll know what before what you do want.  Photographers describe their work in a number of ways: reportage, documentary, candid - what's the difference? Couples often ask for unposed and natural photography - but should a photographer take that literally? Here's a short guide to figuring out your style as a couple and communicating it with your photographer. Photographers need to avoid jargon and steer clear of ambiguous terms. We have To View More >>

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Ahead of the Kew Wedding Showcase I'm sharing some beautiful photographs and ideas from Polly and Adam's May wedding. Abundant with colour, florals and an individual idea that show the gardens in all their spring glory. I hope you love them! Look out for the Wisteria arch and the weird and wonderful exotic plants in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. To View More >>

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One of my favourite photographs taken at a Richmond Pictures wedding. Bride Angela outside ME London, waiting for a taxi heading to her elopement wedding at The Tower of London. We'd lined up a gorgeous city bridal portrait, and then... this guy! You couldn't write it.  To View More >>

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On my Doorstep - a snowy Sunday in Redmires, Sheffield I'm starting my New Year's resolution early - to take more photographs outside of work and explore the natural beauty, locations and talent that's right on my doorstep. With fresh snow on a Sunday that was already mapped out to spend with the family gang, I had no excuse. Here are some of the snaps I took before everyone got too cold, cars got stuck (thankfully not ours) and there was nothing left to do but get home for emergency hot chocolate. To View More >>

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